A not-so-happy space..

It’s November, and it’s pouring on Brighton seafront.

Yesterday we looked around (another) primary school. It has four form entry; four classes of thirty pupils enter reception each year. There are five year one classes though, the council requested the school add a ‘bulk’ class, due to the recent baby boom..

The school was friendly, L loved the look of the playground.

This time last year we were thinking of moving to London.

I think it’s the weather, and the changing seasons, but I am starting to feel ‘homesick’ again – missing family, familiarity and company.

Elsie is growing up so fast, it’s wonderful watching her and Lyra play together more. Last week we had friends round, the two four year old girls played ‘mummies’, with E as their babe. We’ve been spending a lot more time indoors, getting into toys and imaginary play again. It’s fun – but something seems to be lacking, as the girls hover somewhere between being too old for toddler groups, but too young for anything overly focused in terms of education. L enjoys the Reading Eggs¬†games, and is learning loads from them.


I don’t have much else to update on, and am aware that the minute detail of our day-to-day existence is trickling more into what claims to be a more insightful/meaningful blog! I want this to be a happy, celebratory sort of place (with honesty and reality too..) so will aim to pop back with some happier stuff. Christmas/Chanukah.. etc..

Ooh. Celebrations. We had Halloween, I attended a local party accompanied by a little witch and giraffe. Bonfire night we drove to the local cricket ground (E fell asleep in the car) and watched from the warmth just outside. Last year L was scared of the loud bangs inside the stadium, plus an awful, awful cover band opened the evening.

Ahh, also.. I cut my hair. Yes.. my own hair. It’s curly so I kind of.. can.


Love x

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